When faced with tasks in your garden that would normally require you to use a ladder, the versatile and lightweight STIGA Garden Multi-Tool is the garden tool for you! These cordless garden multi-tools are extendable in height, extremely adaptable and with a wide range of accessories they are ideal for many jobs within the garden.

Find the right solution for your garden

Battery multi-tool

Battery multi-tool

STIGA battery-powered multi-tools combine one single power unit and several accessories; you can care for hedges and branches that are too tall for standard pruning and finishing tools, with all the benefits of battery power: reduced noise and reduced emissions, vibrations and maintenance.

  • check Battery powered
  • check Precision and control
  • check Reduced maintenance
  • check Limited noise and vibrations
Petrol multi-tool

Petrol multi-tool

STIGA petrol multi-tools combine several tools in one, all powered by a single motor. You can take care of your lawn and your hedge with just one product, which can be extended when you need, using the extension pole supplied.

  • check A single motor base
  • check Multiple accessories
  • check Extendable height
  • check Ergonomic and well-balanced