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National Allotments Week with STIGA

'National Allotments Week' takes place between the 7th and 13th of August this year, and the STIGA team have the tools you need to get your allotment ship shape for sowing, growing and harvesting!


As allotments can sometimes be attended to less frequently than a garden, the grass around plots can sometimes get slightly unruly!   It is also not necessarily always advisable to leave mowers and tools in allotment sheds, where it is hard to keep an eye on them.  

But STIGA has the answer!

STIGA's battery mowers and handheld tools are not only a lot quieter, cleaner and better for the environment, but also lightweight and easy to handle, meaning transporting them from your home to your allotment couldn't be easier! 

With the superb selection of smaller battery mowers, perfect for fitting between allotment beds, there is plenty of choice when it comes to making your growing space neat and tidy!



Battery Lawnmowers

Collector 132e - 30 cm cutting width

Easy to handle yet sturdy enough to withstand impacts, this battery-powered lawn mower makes light work of mowing. At its heart is an innovative ePower20V 4Ah battery, which enables  it to mow up to 150sqm on one charge. And with a 30l grass catcher, it's the perfect lawn mower for smaller grass areas. 

On sale now for only £179! Plus FREE shipping!

Collector 140e - 38 cm cutting width

This superb battery lawn mower is lightweight and easy to handle, but resistant to damage from garden obstacles. An innovative ePower20V 2x4Ah battery provides enough power to mow up to 350sqm on one charge. And with a roomy 40l hybrid grass catcher, it's the perfect mower for allotment grassy areas.

On sale now for only £279! Plus FREE shipping!



Mow small and simple grass areas quickly and effortlessly with this cordless mower that rides on air. Its STIGA patented design uses aeronautical technology to optimise battery life and cutting performance. Light yet strong, it’s easy to manoeuvre on slopes. And it’s so small, it can hang on a wall when finished!

On sale now for only £149! Plus FREE shipping!


And for handy tools to help you tidy and make some space ...

VS 100e Kit - Cordless vacuum shredder

This cordless Vacuum Shredder can not only be used as a blower but can also vacuum up debris around the allotment or garden and shred it into an eco-friendly mulch that you can then use on your flowerbeds. Two tools in One and all powered by battery technology!  

On sale now for only £227.25! Plus FREE shipping!


MT 100e Kit - Cordless Multi-Tool

This versatile, battery-powered multi-tool takes pruning and cutting tasks to new levels of effortless handling and manoeuvrability. The 20V 4Ah battery fits neatly into the compact design of the soft grip handle, making the whole tool feel comfortably balanced. You also get 70 minutes of cutting time and 20 minutes of pruning time on a single charge.  

On sale now for only £199! Plus FREE shipping!


Get your allotment ship shape this 'National Allotments Week' with STIGA!



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Collector 132e Kit
Cordless lawn mower
Collector 140e Kit
Cordless lawn mower
Aero 132e Kit
Cordless lawn mower
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