BL 500e Kit

Battery blower
Lightweight and easy to use, the BL 500e Kit cordless leaf blower has the power to clear all your leaves and outdoor debris. As a battery blower, it provides running times of 130 minutes at normal speed, 30 minutes at medium speed, and 20 minutes at full speed. Its direct axial airflow improves efficiency, while its electronic keypad makes it easy to choose from three speed settings.
  • Battery leaf blower, free from cables, petrol and hassle
  • Powerful 500W motor generates air speeds up to 55m/s
  • Three variable speed settings to clear different debris types and surfaces
  • Lightweight at only 2.6kg, with a comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Quick release button separates tube to save on storage space
  • 48V 2Ah battery and charger included
  • Battery kit included
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Product details and specs

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The BL 500e Kit is a cordless leaf blower designed to make outdoor cleaning a whole lot quicker and easier. Because it's a battery-powered garden blower, there are zero emissions, less vibration and a big noise reduction compared to a typical petrol leaf blower. An ergonomic handle ensures it's comfortable to use, while rubber supports protect the BL 500e Kit's underside and nozzle. Thanks to the optimised position of its motor and impeller, the BL 500e Kit moves air up to 55m/s in one straight direction – clearing all outdoor surfaces quickly and easily. Its intuitive handle-mounted keypad enables you to effortlessly choose between three different air-speed settings. You can select low for lightweight materials on lawns and gravel; medium for grass clippings and leaves on asphalt and other solid surfaces; or full speed for fresh snow, wet leaves and other more challenging debris.

A step up for you to work in larger garden environments or be engaged in multiple tasks and for longer sessions.

  • Robust tools
  • Tougher jobs
  • Prolonged sessions
  • Diversified works

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  • Lightweight tools
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A step up for you to work in larger garden environments or be engaged in multiple tasks and for longer sessions.
  • Robust tools
  • Tougher jobs
  • Prolonged sessions
  • Diversified works
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Battery powered – for cable-free, quieter leaf blowing
The BL 500e Kit is a powerful and quiet leaf blower, delivering a working time of 130 minutes at normal speed, 30 minutes at medium speed, and 20 minutes at full speed.
Three air speeds to tackle garden debris
Choose between three air speeds: low for lightweight materials, medium for grass clippings on solid surfaces, and full for more challenging debris.
Comfort while you work
Ergonomic handle improves handling and manoeuvrability – and weighing just 2.6kg, it's easy on your arms too.
Detachable blowing tube saves space
Quick release button detaches the tube, saving on storage space.
Powerful motor clears all in its path
500W brushless motor generates powerful air speed of 55m/s, easily removing debris in your garden, drive and patio.
Strong and precise airflow
Optimal position of the motor and impeller multiplies airflow into one straight direction – delivering a stronger and more precise airflow.


Keypad battery products
The intuitive keypad puts power control at your fingertips. An innovative feature of all STIGA 5, 7 and 9 Series models, it allows you to control your tool’s variable speeds and manage battery power output with a simple thumb press.
Magnesium gearbox or frame
The STIGA Magnesium Gearbox delivers on every level. It ensures your machine is light to handle and well balanced. It makes any maintenance needed simple. And because it’s made from hardwearing, long-lasting magnesium, this protects the mechanical parts from eroding dust and moisture.

What's in the box

BL 500e Kit
BL 500e Kit
Battery blower
  • lensBlowing tube Tube tip Battery Battery Charger Europlug

Technical specs

General info
Series 5, ePower 48 V
Power source
Lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity
2 Ah
Battery kit
Motor type
Maximum motor speed
19500 rpm
48 V
Battery type
Lithium battery nominal energy
86.4 Wh
0.5 kW
Working time (+/- 20%)
15 min
Suggested battery capacity
2 Ah
Working system
Maximum air volume
11.28 m³/min
Maximum air speed
55 m/s
Soft grip handle
Tools kit
Battery charger
Single standard
Battery charger output current
1.5 A
Battery charger plug type
Europlug (Type C)
Vibration and noise data
Guaranteed sound power level (LwA) - dB(A)
Measured sound pressure level at operator ear dB(A)
Measured sound power level dB(A)
Vibration level hand (m/s2)
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
5.56 kg
Product weight without battery
2.8 kg
Product weight
3.64 kg
Product weight with vacuum kit
3.9 kg
Product length
1010 mm
Product width
160 mm
Product height
260 mm

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What instructions should I follow to adjust the blowing power?
You should always adjust the intensity of the air flow according to the type of material to be removed:
- low speed for light materials and small twigs on the grass.
- medium speed for moving grass and light leaves on asphalt or solid ground.
- maximum speed for heavier materials such as fresh snow, wet leaves or large pieces of dirt.
You are always recommended to pay careful attention to prevent the material removed or dust from injuring people or animals and damaging
property. Always check the wind direction and never work against the wind.
For more details, please see the user manual.
Is it also possible to use the leaf blower as a vacuum? If yes, what material can be collected?
No, this battery leaf blower does not have a vacuum function.
What are the conditions that affect the battery life?
The autonomy of the battery may diminish in case of frequent starting anf turning off while the gardening activties. We recommend adjusting the speed according to the materials to clear off.
Does this products have battery included ?
Yes, inside the box you will find:
a 48V ePower battery (2 Ah) and a battery charger.

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BL 500e Kit
131400057/0 ADHESIVE SILICONE SEALANT ELECTR.COMP. dioctyltin dilaurae 3648-18-8
Component 1 Component description 1 Substance/s CAS number
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