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ST 700e

Battery snow thrower

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Make clearing snow a simple task with the STIGA 7 Series Snow Thrower. Lightweight, easy to use and featuring our intuitive dual-battery system, it’s your go-to machine for removing fresh snow from your driveway, patio, outdoor steps and doorways – so you can get on with your day, no matter what the weather brings.

Battery and charger not included
  • One handgrip system for comfort and ease of use
  • Brushless motor ensures top performance, run-time and endurance
  • Foldable handle and compact design for easy storage
  • Clears snowfall up to 50cm wide and 20cm deep
  • Adjustable deflector for changing the direction of snow
  • STIGA ePower48V battery and charger not included
  • Battery kit not included
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Product details and specs

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The STIGA 7 Series Snow Thrower is the perfect machine to have on hand when winter arrives. Compact and easy to use, it helps you remove fallen snow quickly and safely from your driveway, patio or walkways. The brushless motor delivers a powerful and reliable performance every time you use it. And the intuitive dual-battery system allows you to use one or two batteries of different amperages (from 4 to 7.5Ah, 1x7.5 Ah ePower battery included), cleverly synchronising them, balancing the power draw and monitoring the current for maximum run-time.

Designed with your comfort in mind, the thrower features a transport handle for an easy setup. Once you’ve started, the one handgrip system frees up your other hand to make adjustments as you go. Control where the snow is thrown using the adjustable deflector – simply turn the ergonomic crank to change the direction and orientation of the exit chute. Work close to doorways and borders without accidentally throwing snow onto your porch or neighbour’s garden.

The bright LED headlights are ideal for using the thrower on darker mornings, in the evening and in low visibility after bad weather – keeping you safe and easily seen. And when the warmer weather arrives, make the thrower even more compact with the foldable handle before storing it in your garage or shed. Its 48V batteries can be used in other STIGA 5, 7 and 9 Series gardening tools, making it the ideal addition to your year-round STIGA collection.

A step up for you to work in larger garden environments or be engaged in multiple tasks and for longer sessions.

  • Robust tools
  • Tougher jobs
  • Prolonged sessions
  • Diversified works

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A step up for you to work in larger garden environments or be engaged in multiple tasks and for longer sessions.
  • Robust tools
  • Tougher jobs
  • Prolonged sessions
  • Diversified works
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Brushless motor
Promises maximum performance, run-time and endurance – with minimum maintenance.
Foldable handlebar
Make it easy to store with the foldable handlebar. Save space in your garage or garden shed with the compact design.
Adjustable deflector
Control where the snow is thrown with the adjustable deflector. Simply turn the crank to change the direction of the exit chute.
Transport handle
An easy-to-use handle allows for safe and comfortable transportation of the snow thrower.
LED headlights
Clear snow confidently in low visibility conditions with the bright LED headlights.
Dual-battery system
Runs on one or two 4, 5 or 7.5Ah STIGA ePower 48V batteries, which are also compatible with our 5, 7 and 9 Series tools.


Technical specs

General info
1000 W
Power source
Suggested battery capacity
4 Ah
Battery kit
Not included
Overload protection
Battery type
Battery Voltage
48 V
Lithium battery nominal energy
177.6 Wh
Working system
One stage
Auger width
50 cm
Auger house height
30 cm
Auger diameter
17 cm
Auger type
Chute rotation
180 °
Chute control
Manual - Center crank
Chute material
Deflector control
Manual - On chute
Deflector material
One hand grip operation
Throwing performance
6 m
Number of stages
Steering type
Wheel type
Plastic, Stiga design
Transport handle
Vibration and noise data
Guaranteed sound power level (LwA) - dB(A)
Measured sound power level dB(A)
Measured sound pressure level at operator ear dB(A)
Vibration level hand (m/s2)
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
19.7 kg
Product weight without battery
16 kg
Product length
1105 mm
Product width
508 mm
Product height
985 mm
Product weight
16 kg


What are the snow conditions that this product is able to face?
The ST 700e can clear snowfall up to 50cm wide and 20cm deep
What is the maximum working time?
The maximum working time is 25 minutes
Does the snow blower have battery and charger included?
No, batteries and chargers are not included.
Suggested batteries: 2x 4Ah (48V)
Is this item easy to use?
Thanks to the handle, very similar to a lawn mower, you can easily adapt this tool to your needs. Then, the transport and foldable handles allows also simple storage, also in small spaces


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