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Stiga is made for you

Whether you love gardening or simply love your garden, Stiga has the perfect solution:



  • Voltage 80 Lawn mowers

    Challenge your beliefs and step into the new age of garden care – The VoltAge. Introducing Stiga 80V – a powerful battery system that will change forever the way you look at battery powered tools.

  • 48V PowerPack

    Whether you need a lawn mower, a chainsaw, a trimmer and a hedge cutter, a blower and a pole saw - or all of it - Stiga PowerPack is your choice. Just plug the battery in and go!

  • Robot Mowers

    Stiga Autoclip – state-of-the-art robotic lawn mowers combining power with intelligence. You’ll never have to mow your lawn again. Because it’s all taken care of – by a perfectionist.

  • Lawn Mowers

    Beautiful, dense lawn - minimal effort. Mowing the lawn should be a pleasant experience. Noise damping, better ergonomics, anti-vibration handles and - not least - the Multiclip technology.

  • Front mowers

    Just plain smart. The Stiga range of front mowers is the solution to just mow the lawn and then be done with it - you may very well wonder how you'd even manage without one. 

  • Lawn tractors

    With lots of power under the bonnet and a first-class collecting ability STIGA's lawn tractors are sure to get the job done - while you're having fun. Enjoy the ride.

  • Garden Care

    To give your garden the final touch with Stiga brush cutters and hedge trimmers and to make your work less tiring with Stiga chainsaws. To convince yourself - feel it, start it, use it!

  • Recycling & Tillers

    Recycling is the straight way to the sustainable society. And it starts in your garden where also tough jobs are solved in easy and enjoyable ways by Stiga recycling products and tillers.

  • Snow throwers

    Getting tired of shoveling snow around? With a number of new and innovative features, Stiga snow throwers definitely make even the toughest jobs seem like fun.

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