A child that plays in the garden with a watering canA child that plays in the garden with a watering can

Hello summer!

The hottest season has arrived: get ready to fully enjoy your garden


A revolution for the species. A joy to steer.
Stability at its best

Clever weight distribution, very low center of gravity, automatic speed distribution to mow safely even in steep areas. Safety is further enhanced by electronics that automatically manage speed limitations.

Designed around you

A completely unobstructed access and a wide footboard give plenty of legroom. Complete visibility over the working area and all electronic controls at your fingertips. High-back-support-seat with dual parallel suspension system to absorb vibrations.

High-area productivity

With up to 108 cm-wide side-discharge cutting deck, plus optional mulching kit, Gyro has been engineered for huge lawns - up to 8.000 sqm.

The right tools for summer gardening activities

STIGA Swift is powered by 48V ePower batteries that can be used on all hand-held tools from the 5, 7 and 9 Series.
Key for the summer gardening activities are the STIGA battery hedge trimmer HT 700e and the battery brushcutter BC 700e. The HT 700e lets you trim hedges with power, while the STIGA BC 700e allows you to sweep through difficult grass conditions effortlessly. The ePower 48V ensures high performance and reliability, throughout the whole season...and more.

Animated pictures that show Swift shareability with an hedge trimmer and a brushcutter

Gardening trends and tips for summer

Our STIGA expert is ready to share some special summer tips to help you correctly manage dryness and heat that might endanger your garden this season.

When your lawn’s looking thirsty

What to do when your lawn's looking thirsty? High temperature and long period of drought can create some disease to your grass. How and when to irrigate are the top priorities to promote an healthy lawn.

Natural plants to grow for your health

Summer is the best time to stay outside and grow plants that are good for our health. Our expert has created a list with the best natural remedies and their properties. Don't miss it!

Choose the best grass type

It's really difficult to choose the best grass type for your garden, as each type has specific climates and weather needs. Here is the STIGA guide to help you choosing and growing a lawn to be proud of.

International Dog Day & International Lawn Day

In summer, we celebrate our best buddies: dogs! Together we will understand how important a garden is for our little pets and how to make it a better place for them. We also celebrate the most popular lawn care machine: the lawn mower!

What are the best seeds to plant this season?

With high temperatures and long days, summer is a great time to sow. Which vegetables and plants give their best in this season? Read more in our STIGA magazine!

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