Music to mow to - our Top 20 ‘mow-tivational’ songs!

It’s that time of year when most gardeners will be thinking about giving their lawnmower its first outing of the year, storms permitting! Having been stored away in winter ‘hibernation’ for the past few months, some mowers might need a service before being ready for action.


How to make the most of your extra day this leap year

Every four years, we get to enjoy the 29th of February, and that four-year cycle has come around again in 2020. But why DO we have a leap year? And how can we make the most of that extra day this month?


Hints & Tips - February

Compost heaps have been lying dormant through the winter. It’s a good time to turn them with a fork or spade to get them moving, to break down the contents into crumbly nutritious humus to spread on your spring garden.


Gardening Calendar – February

Winter frosts continue, so if you have not done so already, wrap some horticultural fleece around those tender plants.


Golden daffodils herald the arrival of Spring

Daffodils. A modest, humble flower that has inspired some of the world's greatest artists and poets to eulogise about their beauty and what they represent.


Red roses - the universal language of love

February 14 … Valentine’s Day, and the day when red roses sell like hot cakes across the world.


How your garden shows your personality

Your garden knows who you really are, just by the way you take care of it. With a single look, you can tell somebody's inner personality. Extroverted or contemplative? You'll never look at your neighbour’s lawn the same way again!


Gardening vs Landscaping: what is the difference?

The Garden has two souls. A designer approach with landscaping, and a more plant-centric one with gardening. Get to know the different ways of conceiving a garden, and which one of them best suits your needs.