Portable battery-powered tools: headed for the future!

Portable power-tools excel when it comes to ease of use – they’re super-quiet, environmentally friendly machines requiring minimal maintenance and able to assist you in tackling a wide variety of garden-based jobs.

There’s a suitable power-tool for every application!

Beautiful gardens are characterised by their attractive finish; something that’s quick, easy - and fun - to achieve with a portable mains-powered or cordless tool.

If you like the idea of taking an efficient, low-noise approach to hedge maintenance, a battery-powered hedgetrimmer is the perfect assistant! As well as being quiet in operation, they emit no nasty exhaust fumes and have no cable to restrict your movement.

Hedge trimming is quick and easy with a STIGA hedge trimmer

Our choice: The new STIGA SHT 500 AE hedgetrimmer comes equipped with a premium 48v lithium-ion battery and offers a generous blade-length that makes it suitable for pretty much any hedge. The adjustable handle means you’ll be able to trim the sides and tops of hedges without having to adopt an unnatural and uncomfortable body position.

STIGA battery hedge trimmer is silent and eco-friendly

If you need to clear grass and weeds from hedge bases, lawn edges and fence lines, then go for a brushcutter! A brushcutter will also prove a handy workmate for tackling vegetation-covered slopes, ditches and verges.

Our choice: The brand-new 48v SBC 500 AE cordless brushcutter from STIGA features a line head for grass and weeds; and a brush blade for clearing nettles, scrub and other more challenging growth. It offers all the usual advantages of battery power – minimal maintenance, no neighbour-annoying noise, no exhaust emissions and no restrictive mains lead.

STIGA battery brushcutter is easy to use and quick

Leaves, hedge-cuttings, grass-clippings and other garden debris can be quickly and efficiently shepherded into to piles ready for composting or shredding with a battery-powered blower!

Our choice: The SAB 500 AE cordless blower is a powerful but lightweight and easy-handling machine that will make short work of tidying your paths, driveway, decking, patio or terrace.

STIGA battery blower is perfect to keep your garden clean and healthy

A tip: if you buy two or three tools simultaneously, choose the same battery voltage (24v or 48v). You'll then be able to use the same batteries across all your tools, thereby saving a significant amount of money.

Whichever cordless or electric garden-tool you choose, you can be sure you’ll never want to go back to petrol-power in your battle to achieve the perfect outdoor space!

Products in this article
SBC 500 AE
Battery lawn trimmer / brushcutter
Brushcutter powered by a next-generation 48 V battery with a single handle and straight shaft, 38 cm cutting width, Tap&Go head and metal blade. Battery not included.
SHT 500 AE
Battery hedge trimmer
Hedge trimmer powered by a next-generation 48 V battery with a 58 cm double-action blade and 180° rotating handle with 3 position settings.
SAB 500 AE
Battery blower
A lightweight and easy to use cordless leaf-blower that makes cleaning outdoor debris easy! Direct axial airflow improves efficiency; while an intuitive keypad makes it quick and easy to select from the three speed-settings provided.
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