A well-maintained, cared-for garden also requires cleaning of outdoor hard surfaces, like driveways and footpaths, and the removal of leaves, snow, dust and debris. STIGA offers a range of domestic appliances that are designed to help clean a wide variety of surfaces all year round.

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A well-ordered, healthy garden also requires the removal of dry leaves – an essential task for reducing the formation of mosses and fungi and keeping your lawn in a healthy balance. STIGA leaf blowers/vacuums make this task easier, giving you the power you need to get the job done quickly.

  • check Powerful blower
  • check Vacuum mode available
  • check Well-balanced machine
  • check Vibrations contained
High pressure cleaner

High pressure cleaner

STIGA pressure washers are designed to easily clean dirt, dust and mud off surfaces including gardening devices, terraces, courtyards and steps, bicycles, motorcycles, cars and driveways, thanks to the power of cold water.

  • check Power of water
  • check Easy to use
  • check Accessories for any use
  • check Good power-to-weight ratio


STIGA outdoor sweepers are the perfect product for cleaning snow, build-ups of leaves, dirt and lawn clippings from driveways and footpaths. Whether you need a manual or motorised product, you will find the right one to clean your surface.

  • check Manual or motorised
  • check Managing large areas
  • check Powerful brushes
  • check Collector included
Snow thrower

Snow thrower

Clearing snow is no longer a chore: choose between STIGA single-stage snow blowers, for lighter snowfalls on flat surfaces, or two-stage snow blowers, which are even able to clear build-ups of fresh or frozen snow on almost any type of hard outdoor surface.

  • check Battery-powered, petrol-powered or electric
  • check Single-stage or two-stage
  • check Adjustable chutes
  • check Controls on the handles